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Planning an Authentic Wedding Ceremony

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

Katie & Dane Olmstead
Blissful Productions Full Planning & Floral/Decor Services Venue: Winding River Ranch Photo: Jessica Christie Photography

We suggest starting with not your "dream theme" but the foundation of your love!

Why starting with planning your ceremony first can set your wedding apart and create a more authentic wedding.

Let's face it, sometimes the ceremony and the vows are at the bottom of the list. To all the planners out there you may have witnessed this yourselves. You and your client have had endless calls about floral arrangements, silverware and how the bathroom will be decorated but your lovebird clients have no clue about their vows, have yet to meet with their officiant or pick out their ceremony music.

Site Clearing & Ceremony Intention with Molly Lucido. Photo by Theresa Woodhull

At Blissful Productions we've made it an internal practice to organize all the celebratory details on the foundation of two individuals unifying in ceremony. It's called a wedding for a reason....what if the reception was before the ceremony, could that catch on? I digress.

To make this intimate and less daunting, we've designed a beautiful thought provoking questioning process, that guides our clients in creating an authentic ceremony before planning ensues and of course with dimmed lights, wine/whiskey and Spotify.

Full Planning, Decor & Florals Blissful Productions. Venue Devil's Thumb Ranch. Photo by Daylene & Co

Planning, Decor & Florals by Blissful Productions, Venue Crestview Ranch, Photo by Meg O'neil Photograhy

Our questionnaire integrates not soley the writing of the ceremony & vows but exploring the 5 senses, sight, smell, sound, taste & touch from start and finish of the ceremony. These insights are then threaded throughout the wedding theme and events throughout harvesting a connection of your love ceremony with guests and family in the process. We truly feel this resonates positivity and focus for our clients. There's a medley of unique ceremonial blessings out there, like the planting of a tree, blessing of the rings, traditional group prayer or communion and this summer we had the pleasure of observing a post wedding group hug! Our advice, start with planning your ceremony and we highly suggest sticking to whats true to you and your love. #mindfulwedding #coloradoweddings

Planning, Decor & Florals by Blissful Productions, Venue Crestview Ranch, Photo by Meg O'neil Photography

Family Prayer
Day of Coordinating Blissful Productions, Granby Ranch Venue, Macy Frances Photography

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